Single Cristal Sapphire





We are proud that our processing technology and polishing technology of artificial sapphires has been highly evaluated in our industory.
There are various types of saphires cover glasses for high class watches,such as the normal flattype,one-sided curved type, both-sided curved type, polyhedron cutting type, cylindrical type, etc.These types of cover glass are produced at our company, including coated and printed and printed cover glasses.The sapphire is a very hard gem.It has the second hardest rating after the diamond.The sapphire has superior characteristics compared with regular cover glasses.It cannot be scratched or cracked.It is heatproof in temperarutres up to 2,200,therefore the sapphire can be used in high temperature conditions.These characteristics will be applicable to new high-tech products as a new material.
NIKO OPTICAL CO.,LTD. received the "SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY AWARD" in 1986, mainly due to the development of the sapphire process technology.
Presently, we are processing and producing the following intems:special diving waterproof watch glasses, largesized computer display glasses, put mark on glasses by laster pinhole process for solar watches, character pattern printing on sapphire glasses, gold printing on glasses, many color of metallization on sapphire glasses, various coating process and liquid crystal panel process.
We always aim at advanced process technology.





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